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Publishers' Statement

Hello and welcome to the website for the Minority Business Guide!

The Minority Business Guide is the DC Metropolitan area’s first Minority business and procurement marketing resource directory. This publication is designed for the specific purpose of marketing on behalf of area Minority Businesses and attracting the attention of Government, Corporate and Commercial procurement officers.

Minority Business Owner... Let The Minority Business Guide do the marketing for you, we guarantee the publication to get into the right hands of every federal government agency and as many state and local government facilities as possible in the tri-state area. Corporations and local real estate development companies will also be provided The Minority Business Guide. Keep in mind that you are a commodity!  Federal, state and local government agencies have goals to meet for doing business with Minority Businesses, as do many corporations and development projects. This is your opportunity to be more than just a listing in procurement databases and a number in the census report!  Let your Minority Business Guide advertisement pave the way for forging your business relationships!

Procurement Officer... Let The Minority Business Guide save you time and money for seeking qualified, certified, and experienced Minority Business owners to fulfill your contracting needs and procurement goals. Let us help you eliminate print outs and laborious databases containing limited information.  Use The Minority Business Guide, a perfect bound, advertising display and comprehensive list directory featuring area Minority Business owners prepared to do business with you!

The Minority Business Guide will effectively serve that aforementioned uses, in addition to: Identifying business mentors, identifying partnerships and teaming relationships, complimentary business services and competitive business growth.

We look forward to serving you!

Procurement happens when preparation meets opportunity!

Make it a great day!

Alicia V. Fields

Co- Publisher

Keith D. Lee